April 10th, 2007

Wanaka tree

Spring in Somerset part one

Over the holiday week-end I've been out and about taking photos of, well, spring. Quite suddenly, it seems, spring appears to be converting the starkness of winter into the plushness of summer. Winter's grey, dreary fields and hedges have now burst into colour and life. Wild flowers are everywhere and there is suddenly much more movement and action in the countryside. It was a real pleasure to be out there walking the lanes and byways, wading through fields where you can almost see the grass growing and spotting all the birds and animals, insects and plants all doing their springly thing. Needless to say, I took rather a lot of photos too. I realise that all my friends in the southern hemisphere will be groaning as they head into autumn and the prospect of winter, however it manifests itself where they are, but up here it's all happening. 

This first batch of photos are delicate wildflowers and trees. I hope you like them. As ever, please click on the pictures to see larger versions. 

Primroses in Beer Woods (yes, honestly)

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More to come in later posts.

Wanaka tree

Friends cut

I've been gathering lots of great friends here recently. They add themselves to an already wide list of amazing people. I'm really proud of many of the friendships I have developed here on LJ and I hate to do what I'm about to do, in fact I feel bad about it. I'm beginning to lose the plot a little and I need to slightly narrow down the field! Please rest assured, if you comment in my LJ, if I comment in yours regularly, if we've made any sort of connection you are on the list forever. There are a few people, great people I'm sure, who either don't post or don't comment and I think I need to rationalise a little. If I do cut you and you would like to stay on my list, I'd be delighted to put you back on (as I say, I feel awkward enough about this as it is!) Anyway, I'm off to do the deed, with tears in my eyes.