January 23rd, 2007

Wanaka tree

New friends

Yet again I have a couple of new friends. As has become my custom, this means that I should dedicate some photographs, so here goes.

First there is alexthunder. He is another Russian living in New Zealand. It is very obvious to me that he has travelled his new country quite a lot and has some amazing photographs to prove it. I have decided to dedicate one of my favourite New Zealand photos. This is a little known spot way down in Southland, south of Lake Manapouri. I stumbled across it by accident but was so glad that things worked out the way they did; I had found, by chance, an incredibly beautiful spot that most people just drive past without even noticing. So, this is for you, The Redland Wetland Reserve in Southland.

Next comes ember999. I am very jealous of the fact that she lives in Scotland. I'm from a reiving family, so I know my roots are in that wonderful country too, and I get a tingle up my spine whenever I cross the border heading north. Also, just to confirm my credentials, when I was at the IRB Rugby Sevens in Wellington, no-one was cheering harder than me when Scotland beat England. Anyway, I am already enjoying her journal and learning a lot about my new friend at the same time. And we have several mutual friends, so she comes with some recommendation! In addition to all that, she also has a nine-foot red-tailed boa constrictor, which has to be just about the coolest pet ever.  A few weeks ago I was stomping around on Exmoor looking for photo opportunities and this particular scene grabbed my eye. I hope you like it, this is for you.

Welcome, both of you, to my LJ world. For the most part it is a happy place, and I'm sure we will get along very well.