January 10th, 2007

Wanaka tree

More new friends

I have quite a bit of catching up to do as far as welcoming new friends is concerned. In the past couple of weeks wonderful new people have been popping up everywhere!


First of all,


__bedroomeyes. The biggest thing for me is that we share the same birthday. I have only ever known a couple of other people with the same birthday as me, so it’s really good to have a friend here on LJ who can smile and cringe at the same time when 29 January comes around. Apart from that, I love her photographs. It was a set of her images in a community that really sparked my interest. Like so many of my LJ friends, she takes the sort of photos I would like to but feel slightly awkward about doing. I like the idea of learning skills and techniques from other people and I’m sure I will learn a lot from you, Carly. Welcome. This photo was taken near my home a few weeks ago. I’m a sucker for sunsets and to place them in the landscape is really satisfying.



It was a special thrill for me to receive a comment from

sakirmo. She is from Finland, shares loads of the same interests as me (including an LJ friend) and has travelled extensively. Everyone here must know by now just how important travel is in my life, so the people who do it are very important too. It was really interesting for me that the very day that I picked up her comment in my LJ I had just been to an art exhibition in Groningen of the work of Akseli Gallen-Kallela, a very famous and great Finnish painter. So my mind was very much seated in the Finnish landscape on that day. The photo I am dedicating to you, Sanna, is very much from my landscape, Tarr Steps – an ancient ‘clapper’ bridge in the wilds of an area called Exmoor. Welcome.




I have been aware of 

kiaora_nz and like her is a Russian living in New Zealand. Lana lives in Rotorua, which is somewhere I enjoyed being while I was travelling around. In fact I went there for four days and ended up staying for eleven! It is a fascinating place, surrounded by volcanoes and loads of thermal activity, all set in a gorgeous landscape. The lake is very beautiful and it is very easy to believe you are a long way from anywhere when you are sitting by its shores, even though the town itself is right behind you. And that is why I have chosen this photograph to dedicate to you. Welcome. 


thumbelinda is a Kiwi living in Australia, which means that she is obviously helping to increase the average IQ in Brisbane! From what I know already, she misses New Zealand very much and wishes that she was the other side of the Tasman Sea, back in her homeland. I know that feeling very well, except that I am in my homeland and wish I was living in hers. I’m sure that things will work out for you soon and you will be able to return to the Mainland, where you rightly belong. Knowing where you come from, I thought you might appreciate this, one of the best views in New Zealand, and not far up the road from where you used to live. I give you, Kaikoura. Welcome.

With all these pics, as always, please click on them to see larger versions. 

I welcome you all to my LJ world and really look forward to getting to know you better.