November 30th, 2006

Wanaka tree

Photographic success

I'm feeling quite chuffed and, well, pleased with myself. A lot of people, both here in LJ land and out in the tangible world have praised my photography. I am very grateful to everyone who has ever commented. praised and just been interested in the images I have posted or shown them. I'm not going to get better, or broaden the ability I might have, unless I can learn and use any knowledge I have gained. As I say, I am grateful to everyone. 

I recently had a meeting with a woman who lives in the same village as me. She makes and sells hand-made greetings cards and approached me to ask whether she could look at some of my photographs with a view to using them. 

Yesterday she held an open day at her home, where people could wander in and look at, and admire and, hopefully, buy some of her work and that of some of her 'crafty' friends. I wandered down in the evening just to have a look. I'm delighted to be able to say that the cards she had made up using my images had been very popular and quite a few had sold. She had also made up some mounted prints using some of my sunsets and sunrises and a few of those had gone as well. 

On the back of each card and print is a little sticker, naming me as the photographer and giving my phone number. I'm not doing this to make money, more to be seen and to get my name out there, but it does seem a great way to start. I know this will please some of my LJ friends - one place that she has cards placed for sale is at the Chalice Well and Gardens at Glastonbury. I think that's a great place to have my photographs seen. 

So, I'm feeling quite chuffed at the moment.
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