September 15th, 2006


Happy Birthday Rebekka

I'll keep this simple.

Happy Birthday Rebekka

You are a remarkable and very special person and I am proud to have you as a friend.

I hope these images bring back some very happy memories for you.

See you soon.
With love and big, big hugs

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Another new friend...

All my friends are special to me. It doesn't matter to me if they are people I know and speak to regularly in 'the real world' or if they are people I have never met and only communicate with on the Internet, they are still friends, to be respected, cared about, thought about and enjoyed. I value my friends very much and always delight in welcoming and learning about a new one. 

northrngirl is remarkable. Originally from Scotland, she has spent most of her life in Alaska where she has an affinity with the landscape and natural beauty that is all around her. She takes stunning photographs of those things which, I am delighted to say, she posts in communities as well as in her own LJ. In addition to that, I have just discovered, she writes in a very compelling way about her life, her travels and exploration, and her love for the place she calls home. In the coming weeks and months I am really looking forward to learning more about her and her environment, and seeing more of her incredible photographs. 

It is a privilege to welcome northrngirl to my LJ world. 

I am dedicating this photograph to you. It was taken on a typical, wet Fiordland day and depicts the Cleddau River near Milford Sound on New Zealand's South Island.  I hope you like it. 

(As always, please click on the image to see larger versions)