August 25th, 2006

Wanaka tree

Bye bye Pluto,,1858044,00.html

So Pluto is no longer a planet. I think it's a bit of an insult to call it a mere "Dwarf Planet" after all this time. After all, we have come to love the little guy, roaming around out there eliptically, sometimes the furthest away, sometimes not.

Does this mean a whole host of Disney re-writes? The number of Dwarfs will have to rise and the faithful dog will have to be downgraded. If they discover another "Pluto" out there wandering around, I vote that they call it Goofy, at least then it will have some familiar company.

In the meantime, we now have Xena....Oh My Goddess.

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Congratulations Hannah

fujiirohana you swot!!

Congratulations on your exam results, pretty good going. 
Four "A"s and seven "A*"s. 
Or put another way, AAAA A*A*A*A*A*A*A*

Can I borrow your results when I'm next looking for a job, please?

Here is a picture that demonstrates how I feel

All, sort of, fluffy.

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Music of the Goddess

A sense of achievement

I realise that this is probably of no interest to anyone out there, but I am feeling really pleased with myself because I have finished a job at work that has taken a lot of my time. I have built a whole section of the council's website dealing with Information for Carers. It replaces a mish-mash of unrelated pages, most of which just didn't work properly. 

And now there is this:

I hope it helps people to get the information they need and to find out about what help there is available. I don't like toeing the corporate line, but right now I am delighted that it all appears to be working.
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