August 21st, 2006

Hope St

Around and About

I recently had a visit from the gorgeous fujiirohana and her family. Among other things, it gave me the chance to do a bit of photography and go on a couple of "let's just point and click at anything and see what we end up with" kind of photo rambles. 
I hope you find the results agreeable.

Pultney Bridge and Weir, Bath

As usual, please click on them to make them big and remember to tell me how good you think they are, if they are.

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I couldn't hide this one, and I hope I will be forgiven one day.

Wanaka tree


This happened by accident, just as it did in a recent entry by tbncirce, and I am not copying in any way, but I just thought it might be cool to share the image and prove that it doesn't just happen with cats. These calves have an evil side too!

I especially like the black dots within the eyes.