August 8th, 2006


Another heart-felt welcome...

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here are a couple of images to welcome blabsicle to my little LJ world. She kindly commented on some photographs I recently posted in a community and it very quickly became obvious to me that her love for New Zealand probably outstrips even my own. (And that is saying something) She spent a year living and working in and around Queenstown and is determined to go back. She has also travelled widely in New Zealand. I wish her well in her efforts to make it back to Aotearoa either on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. I’m also extremely jealous of that plan!


She writes extremely openly and well and her journal makes for a very interesting read. The photographs of hers that I have seen are little short of brilliant and I have quickly become fond of the one she keeps on her User Info page; Doubtful Sound with the most gorgeous rainbow, and I can fully see why it is her idea of heaven on earth.


blabsicle it is an honour to know you and to be allowed into your LJ life. Welcome. These are for you. (But please promise that you won't feel too home-sick because of them.)

Both these images just yell “New Zealand” to me. Flax is very photogenic and when combined with a backdrop like Lake Hawea or silhouetted against a gorgeous sunset like the one here in Hokitika, it borders on the divine.  

As usual, please click to enlarge and please help my insecurity by saying nice things.

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