August 2nd, 2006

Wanaka tree


Please help me, dear readership. I am trying to write a short story at the moment and would like to sprinkle it with well conceived oxymorons. I love oxymorons - I think they are great fun, but my mind is blank and my creative juices have gone on holiday.

My personal favourites are:

Military Intelligence
Fun Run

If anyone has any others that are dear to them that they would kindly share, I will love you forever. (That wasn't meant as a threat, by the way - perhaps I should just have settled on being eternally grateful.)

In other news, and far more importantly, I am very proud indeed to have made a new LJ friend in meetatthelights  She seems like, and I am sure there is no question about it, an incredible lady. Recently, she has returned to her home in the USA from Niger (sooner than she had hoped, through a serious illness) where she was doing great work. She strikes me as being a very compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent and fascinating person. I am really looking forward to getting to know her better through her journal. Anyone who describes themselves as being both optimistic and pessimistic must have a very engaging outlook on life. She has just got herself a very worthwhile and interesting job, which I hope she will enjoy and gain a lot of personal satisfaction from. I wish you all the very best, Beth, and am longing to see more of your photographs from Niger.
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