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From today's Christchurch Press

Drunk Coaster's horse impounded

The wild West's reputation is alive and kicking after police arrested a Greymouth woman for being drunk and disorderly on a horse.

The 48-year-old was warned by police to go home as she rode to Revingtons Hotel on Saturday night for a night out, according to an onlooker.

However, she refused, claiming there were no laws preventing people riding horses in the West Coast township so continued on her way.

Her steed tethered outside the pub attracted attention from patrons, prompting her to offer them rides around the town's centre for about half an hour or more.

"She was leading the horse, just walking on the footpath and had a high vis jacket on. The young ones were enjoying it. People thought it was cool," said the onlooker, who asked to remain anonymous.

"She was a little intoxicated but she was in control."

However, police were unimpressed and arrested her.

"She tried to bring the horse into the hotel's reception to avoid them," the witness said.

It was possible the woman also tried to get her horse to kick the police and run them down, the witness said.

Officers pulled her off her horse, shocking patrons, who took cellphone videos of her arrest. A police spokeswoman said the woman was locked up for the night but only received a pre-charge warning.

Greymouth District Council's animal control officer impounded her horse but had since released it to its owner.

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