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Thirty day meme - last part

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The weather this weekend is supposed to be quite nice, so I'm hoping to get out and take some photos showing just how beautiful the place I live can be in autumn. Here's hoping. The leaves are now on the turn, and they always look great with a bit of sun on them. With a bit of luck, and the hope that I don't go into my shell and just not bother, I should be able to post some photos again next week.

In the meantime, here's the final installment of my answers to the thirty day meme. 

26. Your perfect night out
My perfect night out is one where, first and foremost, I'm not driving. It would be a dinner party with lots of the people who are most important to me, the best company I can imagine. There would be lots of veggie food, lots of great New Zealand wine, some background music and lots of laughter and sparkling conversation. Followed by really good coffee. Having said that, I suppose what I've just described is also my perfect night in. Interesting.

27. Whether you like to plan ahead or be spontaneous
I've answered a lot of these statements in a very woolly, non-committal sort of way, and this is yet another example. I think I like both. There are times when it's great to just let things happen, not to make definite plans as circumstances change. To make the right decision in the right circumstances without any committment to what turns out to be the wrong decision. Yet it's also good to have things to look forward to, to plan ahead a bit. Both have their place and I'm open to the right one at the right time. There, that didn't really answer that at all, did it?

28. What you look for in a friend
I think you can usually describe the people who are my friends with more than a few of these attributes. They are: warm, tolerant, gentle, kind, funny, sparky, interesting and interested, creative, thoughtful, knowledgeable, imaginative, humanitarian, open, curious, musical, literary, honest. 

29. Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark
For most of my life I've had to get up early for work. Most jobs I've had have meant that an early start is helpful or required. And that's never been a problem because I think I'm that morning lark. This always makes me laugh, but I can remember as a child looking forward to every opportunity to stay up even a few minutes later than normal. 'Great, I can stay up a bit later.' Now, and this is what I find funny, if there's no one around and nothing special to accommodate, I like to think, 'Great, I can go to bed earlier!' So, not a night owl, then!

30. How you would like people to remember you
I think, if people remember me at all, then that's an achievement. And to be remembered fondly, that's better still - I would have touched other lives in some way. I would like to be thought of as kind, honest, creative, caring and funny. I was asked, at a course I attended recently, to describe myself in five words, and I chose - writer, friend, photographer, traveller, fool. And they would be great things for others to remember me by, I think. That's not bad.

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