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Thirty day meme - part five

And here's the fifth chunk of the thirty day meme. There's some heavier stuff in this lot, and something I rarely do - voicing my own opinions about subjects that convention says we shouldn't discuss in polite society. I don't expect people to necessarily agree with my views, and they are just that - my views. But I hope everyone will understand and accept that I should answer as fully as I can. If you do agree, then I'm happier than ever; if you don't agree, it doesn't change anything.

21. Who you have a crush on
That changes with the weather. Most of the time, no crush at all, but there are a couple of recurring themes. I have a permanent crush on Julia, ilmera , simply because I crave her company and am, for the most part, denied it because of geography. For many years I've had a sort of crush on Jennifer Connelly, but as I don't understand the cult of celebrity, I find that a bit baffling too. There are a couple of people I see in the corridors at work who I think of as people I would like to get to know better sometime, but that's about it. 

22. A friendship you lost
Bit painful, this. I had a very close friend who, a few years ago, did something I disagreed with and disapproved of. That in itself was fine. She then wanted me to support her in those choices in a civil court case she brought against her former partner, which I wasn't prepared to do, because it would be against my better judgement and conscience. When it became obvious that I wasn't going to be untrue to myself to support her in, what I saw as a bogus claim on someone else, I was dropped, like a stone. A shame, but at least my conscience is clear.

23. Three achievements you're proud of
I really don't know. I'm proud of being friends with a lot of the people I'm friends with. Is that an achievement? I think so. I'm proud of the award to do with my work, that I won a couple of years ago - recognition of a job well done in difficult circumstances is always encouraging. I'm proud of my LiveJournal, because it is a true and honest reflection of me and the way I am and the things I do. I think that counts. Just in case one of those doesn't count, and I need a kind of stand-by achievement to be proud of, I'm proud that I have a creativeness within me that sometimes surfaces and does good stuff.

24. Your political views
I'm not a particularly political person, but I do have views. Those views are mostly to do with what I don't like, don't want to see and don't want to happen, rather than what might be good. I sometimes seeth inside when I see things, hear things or read things, and don't very often express my own opinions. But I'll voice them here just this once. My political views are very 'left of centre'. Right wing politicians and political ideas genuinely frighten me because they generally don't take into account real people and the effect they have on them and their lives. Those complete nutters in, or represented by - in this country and their like in other countries - the Conservative party (and their supporters - I really do see them as the embodiment of Slytherin) seem to me to be responsible for most of the bad things in the world. When there is a mass shooting, or outrageous act (like last year's appalling events in Norway, for instance) it's always someone with extreme right wing views that's at the centre of it. Us lefties seem to be a lot more tolerant. Although it's nothing to do with me, not being my country and everything, I see the election stuff in America at the moment and completely dispair. I have an idea, perhaps they should save all the ridiculous amounts of money they spend on campaigning and just decide who gets in by working out which candidate has fewest books in their house! That seems to be pretty much the level they work at.

I'm a people person, more aligned to the helping hand than the iron fist. I can't help thinking that, if countries like mine spent a lot less on trying to impose their views on others, killing people from other cultures, and planning to do those things, and spent more on education, health care and support for the disabled, the whole world might be a better place. Spend a lot less on pointless weapons and the people who seem to delight in wielding them and a lot more on schools and the people who go to learn in them - that's what I believe. Stop trading in death and support life, understanding and knowledge.

25. Your religious beliefs
The honest answer to this is, 'I don't have any.' I can't accept organised religion as anything other than a human invention designed to keep other people in their place. I can't accept spiritual stuff as anything other than wishful thinking and hope. The absolute truth is that no one knows. They may hope, they might wish, they might expect, but they can't know. I can't believe in things I can't touch or understand, and I can't accept anyone else's made up stories as anything other than that.

But, I can fully respect other people's views, and if they choose to believe, hope or expect, I will not say they are wrong. As I see it there is no evidence at all for them being right, but the choice is entirely theirs. If they get something fulfilling and rewarding out of it, that's wonderful. But even so, don't expect me to think the same.

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