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Thirty day meme - third chunk

Again, I'm continuing with the thirty day meme in just a few days. So, here's the next slice. As I said before, I'm really enjoying doing this and I hope you're finding it a bit enlightening too. I see it as a bit of a chance to say a little more about myself, that I probably wouldn't feel was appropriate to include in a 'normal' entry. That and the fact that a lot of this stuff just wouldn't crop up.

11. Your kids, or your feelings about having kids
I've never wanted children. There are some who see that as selfish (I've heard it all), and others who see life as meaningless unless you invest in the future in some way. I think that's all bollocks. I think the world of some of my friends' children, and I couldn't envisage a world without those wonderful people in it, but you can give those back, can't you. So, not wanting children doesn't mean I don't like children, and that's something some people can't seem to see.

12. Your pets, past and present
There have been a lot of pets, one way and another. I grew up having pet lambs on the farm. There have always, until recently, been cats and even the occassional dog. I'm not really a dog person, and much prefer cats, but a few have got through to me in the past. I do miss having a cat around, since Buster died a couple of years ago, but it probably wouldn't be fair - with all the awkward comings and goings and not being around - to have one just now.

13. Foods you love and foods you hate
Well, being vegetarian, the 'foods I hate' bit is quite easy. To the hate, or at least strongly dislike, list I can add, eggs, milk, coriander leaves, and aubergine. I love curries and veggie chillies, and a lot of vegetarian Italian dishes. I love cooking, and experimenting with what goes with what, and have come up with some cracking things over the years. (My green vegetables with pumpkin and pine nut ravioli, with a balsamic onion sauce, walnuts, fresh leaves and blue cheese, is a triumph! Even though I say so myself.) Sadly, I don't always have time for that. 

14. What your life was like ten years ago
It was very different. Ten years ago I was working as the manager of a nationwide distribution unit in an agricultural service industry. (Not as grand as it sounds, and it doesn't really sound very grand!) I had hardly picked up a camera, and certainly not a digital one. I had not met, or even known of the existance of, a lot of the people who are now my closest friends. I was content, to the point that I probably didn't have a clue about a lot of the things I really wanted and certainly had no knowledge of things that I now consider vitally important. So, perhaps, instead of  'content', you could say, 'clueless'.

15. How much alcohol you drink
Not much, really. Honest! I quite like a cider, beer or pear cider with my evening meal, and love a good glass or so of Central Otago Pinot Noir (as well as appreciating a good Marlborough Pinot Gris) whenever the chance arises. But I'm always conscious of the fact that I have to drive in the morning and won't drink because of that. There are, admittedly, rare times when something like a dinner party allows me to savour a bit more wine, but generally it really isn't very often.

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