Paul - who brings friendly nonsense (blur_kiwi) wrote,
Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

Holy Flax Floral Displays, Batman

This year is the first time since 1999 that the flax (phormium tenax - the only Latin name I know for any plant) in my garden has flowered. I was stoked to see the spike emerging and fondled it often. Once the flowers came out I went all snap-happy. This is the result.

I'm really rather proud of them. Thank you flax, thank you New Zealand, thank you society, and thank you Canon.

In other news: I have a new LJ friend, happy_accidents
I hope I have got this right, but as I understand it, she is an American of Russian descent who is now living in St Petersburg where she is studying. What I do know for sure is that she is a great photographer and writes a very interesting journal.
I hope I can prove worthy of your friendship, welcome to my little LJ world. Aimee, or should I say happy_accidents, if you would like to name a subject or topic, I will try to welcome you properly with a photographic dedication.

Tags: home pics, new friends

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