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It's meme time again, and it's all about me

My wonderful friend june_birdhas just started this thirty day meme thingy in her journal. When she proposed the idea I had a look at the thirty statements and questions and thought it seemed very interesting. And now I'd like to do it too. So, assuming june_birddoesn't have any objections, please consider it nicked!

01. Your name
02. All the places you've lived
03. Your first best friend
04. Your childhood fears
05. What you were like in high school
06. Your favourite and least favourite subjects at school
07. Your first boyfriend or girlfriend
08. Your oldest hobby
09. Your sexuality
10. What you look for in a partner
11. Your kids, or your feelings about having kids
12. Your pets, past and present
13. Foods you love and foods you hate
14. What your life was like ten years ago
15. How much alcohol you drink
16. Your worst illness
17. What you do at work
18. A question or comment people should never make to you
19. The style of clothing you feel most comfortable in
20. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert
21. Who you have a crush on
22. A friendship you lost
23. Three achievements you're proud of
24. Your political views
25. Your religious beliefs
26. Your perfect night out
27. Whether you like to plan ahead or be spontaneous
28. What you look for in a friend
29. Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark
30. How you would like people to remember you

01. Your name
First name - Paul. It's gone in and out of favour with me over the years. Sometimes I've really hated it, and others - it's not so bad. The biggest thing I dislike about it is that it can't be shortened. I don't believe in things like names having meanings which describe the person who has that name. That's impossible. A couple of people making a choice based on their own opinion cannot determine how someone's going to turn out.
Middle name - Jonathan. It's something I'm completely indifferent to, because I never use it or answer to it. It's just there.
Surname - Crosier. This is one I like. It's an old Scottish borders name - probably with a French origin. There are still Crosiers in the borders now, but we, my particular lot, somehow escaped and wound up in the south-west of England. That's a long story and I don't know all of it. But still, it has a colourful heritage. Crosiers feature in some of the gruesome border ballads from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and were a reiving family on the wrong side of someone or other's law quite often.

02. All the places you've lived
I haven't moved around much. I spent my childhood in the house I live in now. I moved out when I started work and went to a village called Brockenhurst in the New Forest in Hampshire. I was only there a few months before I got a job back in Somerset, on the edge of a town called Ilminster. I luckily had a cottage with my new job and lived there for 15 years before changing jobs to one without a cottage, and I then had to move back home because I couldn't really afford to do anything else. I couldn't really say that I 'lived' in New Zealand (though I would love to be able to), especially as I moved around, but I was there longer than I was in Brockenhurst!

03. Your first best friend
My first best friend is still one of my best friends now. I met Si on my first day at Grammar School. We don't see each other that often, perhaps a handful of times a year, but we've known each other for ever it seems, shared some great experiences, both in growing up and later, and know where the other is if we need them.  

04. Your childhood fears
I think I had a pretty happy childhood. I don't remember being fearful or afraid. I wasn't old enough to fear growing up, though I now wish I had (or hadn't, if you see what I mean!) I wasn't aware enough to fear the realities of the wider world. I feared punishment if I did, or felt I had done, something wrong. And I often got that punishment if I hadn't done anything. But that's not so unusual, I think.

05. What you were like in high school
I was probably an obnoxious little turd. I didn't really fit in with the sporty crowd (I'm pleased to say) and I didn't fit in with the really bright kids, who just didn't really fit in anyway. The thing that garnered me friends was a love of music, like-minded boys (and sometimes girls) who loved the wild, self-indulgent music of the day. I think I was brighter than my achievements suggested, and wise enough not to show off.

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