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The National History Museum of Wales

A few weeks ago I visited the Welsh National History Museum at St Fagans, near Cardiff. I had never been there before but I'd driven past signs for it many times in 'the old days' when I used to meet up with our Welsh sales-people at various service areas along the motorway. (This was in, what I consider to be, my previous life before I was made redundant, spent time travelling and got into the line of work I do now: it's a long story.)

While I'd never been to this one before, I have been to other buildings and 'everyday life' museums in many parts of the world. I like them. They give you a chance to see and experience lots of different things all in one place. I suppose what I've done there is just defined what a museum is - oh well, it probably needed doing!

This museum has taken lots of buildings from all over Wales, some typical, some unusual, and placed and rebuilt them in a village setting. It means that you can walk from a farmhouse to a village shop, to a bakery and workingmen's club, to a tollhouse and a row of cottages each decorated and 'occupied' as they would have been at a different period in their history. It's all very well done. And, as is so often the case with these places in Wales, it's free to get in.

There is also a formal garden. When I was there the spring flowers were just making their presence felt, just beginning to thrust out their bright colours and decorate the lawns and borders. I hope you like. 

Coming soon. More Wales, as I make my regular springtime visit to my aunt and explore a bit more of the area of Wales she lives in. Ahargh, there be castles and waterfalls, gardens and countryside.

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