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Northumberland and beyond - part seven: Birdoswald

Last time I left you at Hermitage Castle in the Scottish Borders. Well, from there I drove to Newcastleton, where I had hoped to pay a visit to the small museum and heritage centre. But it was closed. I wasn't too disappointed because I'd been there before and seen the clogs that Willie Crozier, the area's last traditional clog maker, had crafted out of single pieces of wood.

From there I drove along back roads across the border into Cumbria. I wasn't exactly sure where I was heading, I was just enjoying being in the area and loving the landscape I was driving through. Then I saw a sign for Birdoswald and decided that would be my next stop.

Birdoswald is a ruined Roman fort that sits up against the world famous Hadrian's Wall. As you will see in my next couple of entries, Roman forts are not rare in this area, but that they have survived at all is remarkable when you think about how much time has passed since they were in use. Two thousand years is a long time for something to remain recognisable. 

A section of Hadrian's Wall at Birdoswald

Someone walking this section of The Wall

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