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Raglan Castle

Last Sunday I went to Raglan Castle in South Wales. Apparently, I had been there before but I think I was about four at the time, so it's no big surprise that I don't remember a thing about it. I will remember this visit though.

And I took my mother along as well. I do have a bit of a selfish reason for doing that; with her in the car we can get across the Severn Bridge without having to pay the £5.70 toll. I've spent an awful lot of money going over that bridge over the years, so it's nice to get a freebie every now and then.

Raglan is little more than an hour's drive from my home and it's really easy to get to, so I'll definitely be going back. 

There was added colour for our visit too. As we walked in, we noticed lots of tents pitched on some of the grassier areas of the castle grounds. This was the camp of a group of people who have permission to gather there from all parts of the country and spend up to five days doing exactly what they want. And as long as they don't break anything or leave a mess they're welcome back every year.

There were lots of people dressed in 'period' costume (though not necessarily from the same period!) and they were busy trying to live as close to medieval castle life as they could.
There was fencing and archery, people in armour having mock battles over walls and in castle courtyards, and lots of general merry-making. It all added a huge amount of colour and made photography easy and especially interesting.       

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