Paul - who brings friendly nonsense (blur_kiwi) wrote,
Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

Where's he gone?

Dear readers,
Please don't take my absence from these pages as evidence of my untimely death. To quote Granny Weatherwax, "I Aitn't Dead!"

But I am very busy. That, and the seeming lack of sunshine at the week-end, means that I really don't have much to say or share with you. Certainly, not as much as I should. 

I'm still working on the council website with great gusto. There is always lots to do. But now I also have new projects. I'm helping to lead on the content for a new Somerset Heritage Service website (which will be swish and welcoming and probably quite good.)  I'm also involved in getting information together, making it easy to understand and chunked up nicely for a Somerset Autism website. That will probably not be as easy as the others, but it's a challenge. Then, of course, I have my day job of helping people turn their jargon into plain language, helping people use computer programmes that they have adequate training to use and I have not, creating and managing three staff newsletters that come out at, respectively, weekly, monthly and three-monthly intervals, and being involved in a major project to analyse what we tell people so that we can change everything and tell them something different.

It doesn't end there - I also work as the 'half a person' in a 'one and a half person' team putting together a newspaper that comes out four times a year, which gets delivered to every home in Somerset, telling them how good we are at what we do, how much we are doing for them personally and how little it's costing them. That's a bit like juggling jelly and herding cats all at the same time - and I wouldn't recommend it as a spectator sport either! 

Is it any wonder that all I want to do at the week-end is sleep?

But things could be much worse. Please read this latest column from my favourite newspaper columnist, the brilliant Joe Bennett.

Toodle pip.

PS There will be some photos in the next couple of days; photos taken at a beautiful garden in the south of Somerset that isn't Montacute.

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