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Barrington Court, Somerset, July 2011

Last Saturday I went to Barrington Court, an Elizabethan and Georgian country house not far from where I live. I've been there several times before, taken lots of photos there and posted them here, so this was really just a chance to get out and see what I could find that was different to what I'd done before.

It's always interesting revisiting places like this. Every time, I go with a slightly different idea in my mind about what I want to see and photograph. This time it was less about the house and more about the gardens and the little things that make these sorts of places special; a gate here, a window there, a flower a little further on. I'm not sure I succeeded, and it's not for me to judge anyway. All I can do is present you with some of the photos I ended up with and ask whether you like them. If you do, then that's success with knobs on as far as I'm concerned. If you don't, then I'll just have to try harder next time.

This building, by the way, isn't part of the house or anything, it's basically the garden shed!

Inside the kitchen garden


A slightly bizarre statue, lurking behind a pear tree.

Near the house is the village cricket ground. This is village cricket at its most picturesque with a thatched pavillion and people just lazing around in beautiful surroundings.


I loved the contrast in shapes between the pointy-up type flowers and the white roses sprawling across the wall.

All the garden paths at Barrington Court have these wonderful red brick designs built into them. And each one is different.




Walking through one of the garden 'rooms' I came across this dream photo opportunity, a perfect, serene moment captured forever.




I hadn't seen this oak leaf shaped swing before, hanging from the branch of, predictably, an oak tree.





Another perfect moment, when I turned to see this girl using the oak leaf swing.


Poppy seed heads


Hoverflies around a thistle - ah, the Scottishness!

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