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Weymouth and a prehistoric todger

Earlier this month I was delighted to be able to play host to my friends Bob and Maggie from Christchurch. They were here to do some family things but also to escape the perpetually shakey ground they have walked on for the past nine months in the city that is now their home. It was so good to see them and such an honour for me that they took a few days out of their family visits and committments to spend here in Somerset. I'm not going to witter on but without them and their generosity, so many things, places and people that have become important to me would never have happened. And I'm eternally grateful.

I managed to wangle a day off to take them out. Obviously, they know this area very well and have been almost everywhere so it wasn't easy working out what to do that would be different. They said that they had never been to Weymouth, and indeed I hadn't been there since I was a child, so, Weymouth's where we went. It is the classic English, south coast seaside town, slightly seedy, slightly grand and looking like it's seen much better days. Weymouth will have a claim to fame next year because it's where the sailing events (that wonderful audience participation and spectator sport!) for the 2012 London Olympic Games are being held.

Boats in the new marina

The British on holiday, determined to enjoy themselves whatever the world throws at them.

The seafront



'Peddloes', or they might be 'peddleaux' or 'pedal eaus'

Seaside nicknacks

The old harbour


Another Hope Street to add to my collection.


From Weymouth we went home by a scenic route, which I made sure included dropping in at Cerne Abbas. No-one knows how old the Giant, cut through the grass into the chalk rock below, is, but he really is, in so many ways, very impressive!




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