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For Ilmera

You told me that you want a personal pic from me. 
Well, this is just about my very favourite pic from all the ones I have taken. 
It is very special to me, as you are. 
I just love the composition, 
the flow of the dark kelp as it lies on the beach, 
the movement of the water, 
the blue cloudless sky,
the distant headland.

For me, it is Ilmera in the landscape.
It is warm, yet it is slightly sad.
It is beautiful.
It evokes very happy memories for me.
It is one of the most creative images I have ever taken, creative like you.
It is as natural as it is possible to be, at one with the sky, the sea, the land and nature.
It is something I cherish, love and respect, just as I do my friend.
It has a wildness but is welcoming.
It is peaceful and gentle.

Most of all, it is dedicated to Ilmera. 
It is an honour to dedicate something of my own creation that I am so proud of to you, my precious friend.
I hope you are happy with my choice.

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