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Blackbury Camp, South-east Devon, 16 April

Last Saturday I drove off for a few hours, mother and aunt in tow. We went to a place called Blackbury Camp, just a few kilometres inland from the south-east Devon coast. Blackbury Camp is an Iron Age hill fort, more than two thousand years old. Some of you may remember that I posted photos from here a couple of years ago. These forts, though in reality they were more protected settlements than purely defensive structures, were very common in my part of the world. Almost every hilly outcrop was once a hill fort and with most you can still make out the remnants of banks, ditches and terracing. You can still see that they were there a hundred generations later. That's quite a legacy in the landscape left by my people.

Because of all that, I have visited many hill forts over the years and they are something I know well and quite a lot about. But Blackbury Camp is still special, for many reasons. It is more complete than most, with its defensive walls and banks still very high and imposing. You come to it on its own level rather than from a steep climb, so it doesn't impose itself on you until you are there. It is now overgrown with woodland, with trees growing on the flat, settlement area, the banks and the approaches.

But, at this time of year, Blackbury Camp has something else, something stunningly beautiful and uniquely British. For eleven months of the year you could visit Blackbury and know nothing about this extraordinary phenomenon, but right now it is literally a blue feast for the eyes. The whole area is a mass of
bluebells. It's still a bit early for the full effect and over the next couple of weeks it will develop into an explosion of colour, and be in full flow for only a week or so after that. But, this is my view of the British bluebell wood at this wonderful place and time of the year. 






Even shamrock flowers delightfully here, and the violets too.


Not as blue as it might be, and certainly not as much as it will be in a couple of weeks' time


Of course, I couldn't go off on a mission like this without taking someone along with me. And he enjoyed the fact that he is in perfect camouflage for a place like this.






I just love beech woodlands like this, especially when the leaves are just coming out and producing those wonderful fans of new colour.


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