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The undeniable signs of spring

The year is gently moving on here in the land of the 'summer settlers'. An unusually long and cold spell in winter made way for a mild, dreary few months. The signs of spring came early and, largely, in the wrong order. I think nature was just glad to be in from the cold and was throwing off the dust-sheets wherever it found them. I have never known snowdrops and bluebells to be out at the same time. There are already fully grown young blackbirds being taught how to forage by their impatient parents. 

A few days ago the weather report on the evening news said that there would be a spectacular sunset because the steady winds from the south had brought dust from the Sahara up into our skies. I was not convinced, but went out with my camera anyway. I was right not to be convinced, but the wonderful evening light gave me a golden opportunity to show you all just where we are in the season's march towards summeriness.








As you can see, with no clouds in the sky, the sunset was muted at best.

It's always nice to see, and hear, the newborn lambs at this time of year. I love this one's natural knee pads. 



All these photos were taken in, or from, my garden and the field next to it. Here is the evening view across to one of my very favourite places, Burrow Mump. I may just be going there in the next week or so, it's a great local place to get up and see the landscape from a natural vantage point.


I seem to be specialising in taking photos through hedges lately.



The last moment before the sun was completely swallowed up by the distant Quantock Hills.
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