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I am slightly ashamed to say that I stole this meme from the wonderful [info]carla_flydance . I hope nobody minds. It is rather long so I'm putting it under a cut.

Available: for my friends – always.
Age: I feel younger than I actually am, in fact I am younger than I actually am.

Annoyance: I can handle most things but I don’t like it when people promise things and then don’t do them. And I don’t like arrogance.
Allergic: to milk.
Animal: pukeko, fantail, otter.
Actor: For many years I’ve had a bit of a crush on Jennifer Connelly.

Beer: Some I like, some I don’t but Guinness is forever.
Birthday: 29 January.
Best Friends/fantastic people: There are many and I feel privileged to know them, whether it’s in real life or online, and they are all inspiring.
Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes.
Best feeling in the world: Exploring somewhere new and being with people who are important to me.
Blind or Deaf: This is hard. There are two important things to me: music and photography. I think, if I had to choose, I would rather be blind than deaf. I think I could still understand the world without sight but not without hearing.
Best weather: pleasant warm sunshine, though warm summer rain too sometimes.
Been in Love: Yes.
Been on stage?: Yes, both acting and performing with the band.
Believe in yourself?: Yes, because I can’t always rely on others to believe in me.
Believe in life on other planets: I think it would be incredibly arrogant not to.
Believe in miracles: No.
Believe in Magic: No.
Believe in God: No.
Believe in Satan: No.
Believe in Santa: I will never forgive my parents for lying to me about that just so that I would tidy my room before Christmas!
Believe in Ghosts/spirits: No.

Car: Toyota Yaris.
Candy: Chocolate.
Colour: Black, red, yellow, black.
Cried in school: When I was small, I expect so.
Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla Chocolate!
Chinese/Mexican: Hard one. Probably Mexican if I was pushed into answering.
Cake or pie: Depends on what cake or what pie.
Countries to visit: Revisit – New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland. Visit: Australia, Antarctica, Canada, Austria, Poland, Scandiwegia.

Day or night: day.
Dream vehicle: None I can think of. To me a car is just a car and serves no other purpose than to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Nothing more.
Danced: No.
Dance in the rain?: Walk in the rain certainly.
Do the splits?: No I can't.

Eggs: Detest them with a passion
Eyes: Mine are, apparently, a vivid and very interesting blue (or so I was told by a young Russian woman I sat next to on a plane once – I treasure that comment.)
Everyone has: Something to hide, except for me and my monkey!
Ever failed a class?: Yes, I think.

First crush: A very long time ago.
First thoughts waking up: Is it a work day?
Food: Vegetarian - Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and stuff of my own devising.

Greatest Fear: Drowning.
Giver or taker: Giver. I love to give presents. I feel awkward and unworthy receiving things.
Goals: don't know.
Gum: Should be outlawed.
Get along with your parents?: Yes.
Good luck charms: Don’t believe in them.

Hair Colour: Fair.
Height: 181cm.
Happy: Almost always, Why not, it’s an amazing and beautiful world.
Holidays: Are never long enough, and travelling is the best thing.
How do you want to die: Without pain.
Health freak?: No.
Hate: Life’s too short for that.

Clothing Style: None, except the only item of clothing I own with style is my kilt.
Characteristics: Friendly, happy, inquisitive, caring, creative.
Ice Cream: Sorbet.
Instrument: I don’t play one well enough to consider that I play one at all.

Jewellery: My Pounamu koru pendant is the only jewellery I possess.

Kids: Unlikely.
Kickboxing or karate: Neither.
Keep a diary?: Not as such, but I suppose LiveJournal counts.

Longest Car Ride: 10 hours solid from Oban to Welshpool.
Love: being creative.
Letter: I like receiving letters and emails from the people who are important to me.
Laughed so hard you cried: Many times, and worse!
Love at first sight: is possible.

Milk flavour: I find milk intolerable, so, none.
Movie: A few of my favourite films are, In My Father’s Den, Whale Rider, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pollock, Requiem for a Dream, Goodbye Lenin.

Mooned anyone?: No.
Marriage: No.
Motion sickness?: Yes, particularly seasickness.
McDs or BK: Neither, they demean food. Food shouldn’t be fast, food should be loved.

Number of Siblings: One.
Number of Piercings: None.
Number: 313.

Overused Phrases: ‘Actually’.
One wish: To be with the people who mean most to me, whenever they need me.
One phobia: Spiders.

Place you'd like to live: Wanaka, New Zealand.
Pepsi/Coke: Neither – chemical ridden, over-sweet filth.

Quail: is a small fowl.
Questionnaires: I like answering questions.

Reason to cry: Missing people.
Reality T.V.: No.
Radio Station: BBC Radio Five Live.
Roll your tongue in a circle?: No.

Song: 2.
Shoe size: 43.
Sushi: Vegetarian sushi.
Skipped school: No.
Slept outside: Yes.
Seen a dead body?: No.
Smoked?: Yes.
Skinny dipped?: Yes.
Shower daily?: Yes, but prefer a bath.
Sing well?: No.
In the shower?: No.
Swear?: F&£% yes.
Stuffed Animals?: Appalling.
Single/Group dates: Single.
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.
Scientists need to invent: Teleport, a practical universal language.

Time for bed: Early so that I have more time to read.
Thunderstorms: Love them.
Touch your tongue to your nose?: No.

Unpredictable: I hope so.
Under the influence?: Rarely.
Understanding?: I try.

Vegetable you hate: Aubergine.
Vegetable you love: Loads.
Vacation spot: Many – Wanaka, Takaka, Hokitika, Kaikoura, Scotland, Northumberland, Sloten, the list goes on.

Weakness: Chocolate is one of many.
When you grow up: Don’t plan to.
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Don’t know.
Who makes you laugh the most: Rebekka.
Worst feeling: When people don’t keep their promises, or let friends down.
Wanted to be a model?: Oh no, though I would love it if someone would model for me.
Where do we go when we die: Nowhere, the chemicals that make us up just stop working.
Worst weather: Wind and rain together.
Walk with a book on your head: No, though there are quite a few in my head.

X-Rays: Only the usual.


Year it is now: 2011.
Yellow: Sweet corn, highlighter, submarine, lemon, mellow.

Zoo animal: I don’t really approve of zoos.
Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

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