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Caernarfon Castle

After the Llanberis Pass it was a short hop to the town of Caernarfon. Of course, as with my luck in most things, as we approached the town it began to rain. This rain got heavier as we found a car park, at the foot of the castle walls, and we decided that it might be an idea to find somewhere for lunch in the hope that the weather would sort itself out while we were inside away from it.

It didn't. If anything the rain got worse.

I wandered back to the castle, paid to get inside and found a dry doorway to get my camera out. Caernarfon Castle is spectacular, because of it's size, the imposing nature of its walls and setting, and its history. I'd wanted to go there ever since I was a child. I'm not, by any means, a royalist, I have no place for kings and princes, but I remember watching the investiture of the most recent Prince of Wales and being enthralled by the impressive building it took place in. Now I was finally there, in the pouring rain, trying to take photos of it. So, I apologise for some of these photos. They are not as good as I would like them to be. Some have splodgy, raindroppy smudges on them, even though I tried so hard to keep my lens as clear as possible.



Just to show that my protests about the weather are genuine - people in coats and an umbrella.



This large slate circle is the spot where the investiture of the Prince of Wales took place.

Obviously, this is not my photo, or at least the original isn't. But it does show how splendid the place looked at the time.


View of the town and river from the castle walls.

A statue of David Lloyd George, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and the local Member of Parliament for many years, taken from the castle walls. Undoubtedly, he was one of the greatest orators we have ever produced. 









The modern walkway into the ancient castle.

This is where it really got wet, when I had no hint of anywhere to shelter taking photos of the outside of the castle.

This is probably the iconic view of the castle, looking across the river with boats in the foreground. Of course, because of the weather, others have done it much better than me.





Just to prove I was where I've said I was.

Imposing wet walls.

Next time: Criccieth and Criccieth Castle.

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