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Last Friday we set out across North Wales bound for Caernarfon Castle. It's somewhere I had wanted to visit ever since I was a child, but more about that in the next entry. This area, Snowdonia, is so beautiful that a journey like the one I was making isn't just about the destination; you can't help but be inspired and enthralled by just about every metre of countryside you pass. And that's the case even if it's a dull, overcast and, ultimately, wet day. And that's how it was last Friday. Never mind, when you are passing through places like these, who cares too much about the weather?

First of all, we stopped for a coffee at the small village of Betws-Y-Coed, which was about halfway along our journey to Caernarfon. We parked near this river with its falls and rocks and bridge. I could have stayed there all day.




I love Welsh signs!



Another place we had a brief stop was in the Llanberis Pass. I love dry-stone walls, ancient boundaries built from what was lying around readily to hand. My only knowledge of the Pass, before going there, was hearing it mentioned on winter weather reports saying that it was closed because of snow. It always seems to be one of the first in the country whenever we get any difficult weather. I couldn't help thinking that, at times like that, this little farmhouse must be a very bleak place to live. But it certainly is beautiful the rest of the time, if remote. 

You can see that it was wet, dark and gloomy, but still impressive.

This is close to being the perfect landscape as far as I'm concerned.




Next time, Caernarfon Castle. I promise!

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