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Hopton Castle, Shropshire

On the way up to Welshpool in Wales, where my aunt lives, I made a short detour to the tiny village of Hopton Castle in Shropshire. I bet you can't guess why it's called Hopton Castle. It's actually because there is a castle there, called Hopton Castle. We are a simple people!

Unfortunately, I wasn't to know that there was work going on there to make some of the masonry safe. This meant that I couldn't go in and have a good poke around. Which is a shame, but not the end of the world.

The castle is in a lovely setting (though, of course, that's not why it is where it is) sitting in the bottom of a beautiful green valley with a large stream running by it and trees all around.

You can see some of the work being carried out, and also that the sun went in just as I was taking the photo. I think the tree is behind the castle rather than growing out of the middle of it, but I like the effect.

Photo of the castle taken, literally, through the hedge.




Next time, Llanberis Pass and Caernarfon Castle

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