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Bolsward, Friesland - 25 December 2010

I can't believe that it is already a week since I came back from spending Christmas in The Netherlands. As always I had such a great time there. Apart from the company, which is brilliant, I have a very deep affection for the country and its landscape. One area, well, province really, that I especially like and always enjoy exploring is Friesland. Although, to the casual observer, it doesn't seem to differ much from the rest of the country, there is something about Friesland that reminds me of the warmth of home, homeliness and, for a fairly flat landscape, mountains of welcoming.

Friesland is close to where Gerrit and Jos live, and Gerrit is from the province, speaks the language as only a native can and knows it pretty much like the back of his hand.

On Christmas Day, with a family errand to perform, they dropped me in the centre of the city of Bolsward for an hour or so. I had been through there before, many years ago, but this was my chance to explore on my own terms and see what I could discover. It was a delight to see people out skating on the small canals in the very centre of the city on a bitterly cold Christmas Day. I took hundreds of photos and came away cold but happy. This is pretty much what I saw.

The Dutch do public art very well.








A national winter pastime, and everyone gets involved.










One of the few 'people' I saw away from the canals.












I loved the slightly unpredictable nature of this tower.






Oh, and to all my Russian friends, I wish you a very merry Christmas.

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