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Castle Drogo, Devon

A couple of Sundays ago, because it was fine and sunny, though colder than on any day since March, I decided to head off to find somewhere interesting to explore and take photos of. In the northern part of Devon, about an hour and a quarter's drive from my home, on the northern edge of the brooding vastness of Dartmoor is Castle Drogo. And, I had never been there before. Oh, how I want to call it Castle Frodo. It should be Castle Frodo, it needs to be Castle Frodo, it's begging to be Castle Frodo.

I got to Castle Frodo at about half past two. Just as at home, the afternoon was gorgeously sunny, enhancing the autumn colours and giving this northern world a warm glow. 

Looking out towards the west and the edge of Dartmoor, tinged brown with scrunched-up bracken.


One of the stairways down into the undercroft of the castle. I loved the mix of the many archways.

Castle Frodo (Drogo) from the front. It's not an old building, having been built mostly in the 1920s, but it has a great feeling of permanance and, built out of the local granite, being part of the landscape it sits in.

Its clean lines make it feel modern while its shape and style make it so obviously part of an old and grand tradition. This is the architecture of my people, of engagement and defence, of life and protection, of Englishness and saying who we are to a waiting world. 


Sunlight through autumn trees. I couldn't chose between them.

The woodlands on the way to the formal gardens.





The formal gardens seemed to be all about steps to me, no surprise when your garden is on a hillside.




Even on a Sunday afternoon the gardener was engrossed in his work.




I loved this gateway, though I had to wait near it for about twenty minutes before I could finally get a clear shot of it. Castle Frodo was far more popular on this afternoon than I had expected it to be. 



A deserted bench overlooking the fabulous circular croquet lawn. The perfect spot to while away a sunny autumnal afternoon.


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