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This is cobbled together, partly from existing memes, and fleshed out with some questions of my own. Please feel free to steal, adapt, use, abuse, enjoy as you will.

What is your name? Paul

A is for Animals – What is your favourite animal?

I have three really, and I have been lucky enough to see all of them in the wild. Yellow-eyed penguin, Hector’s dolphin and an otter.

B is for Books - What are you reading right now?

The Stranger by Max Frei (recommended by my friend carla_flydance )
C is for Collecting - What do you collect?

Nothing deliberately, though I do have a lot of CDs, books and DVDs.
D is for Drink - What's your favourite alcoholic drink?

It probably says a lot about me that I can’t pin it down to one. Guinness, red wine – especially shiraz or merlot, South Island Pinot Noir, and cider occasionally.
E is for Energy – What do you like doing best?

It’s not very energetic, but photography, writing and mooching around take up a lot of my time.
F is for Food – What is your perfect meal? 

It’s really hard to pin this down to one meal, but, I love a good veggie chilli, and I cook a really tasty pumpkin and apple curry.
G is for Glory - What successes have you had?
It’s really difficult to say. I’m a modest person anyway, but I have won a photography prize recently. I rate success more by how much people like the things I do rather than by awards and prizes. So I love it when people say nice things about my writing or my photos, that’s success to me.
H is for Homes – Where do you live and describe the home you live in?

I live in a small village in Somerset in the south-west of England. It’s quite a big old farmhouse with, as a friend put it to me once, an adventure in every room much like the cottage where Pippi Longstocking lives.
I is for Internet – What websites do you visit regularly?

LiveJournal, Facebook, Hotmail, The Press, Otago Daily Times, Wanaka Sun,, Somerset County Council (because I edit a big section of it)
J is for Jobs – What jobs have you had?

I worked as a stockman for a cattle breeding company and worked my way through to become distribution manager, and now I work as a public information officer for Somerset County Council.
K is for Keepsake – Tell me about something you have of sentimental value.

I have rocks and shells from New Zealand – jade pebbles from the beach at Hokitika, a paua shell from The Catlins, different coloured schist stones from Otago, a pumice stone I found floating on Lake Taupo.
L is for Lottery – What is the first thing you would buy if you won millions?

A house in Wanaka. Then it would be a one-way ticket. Then I would start to ask myself questions like, ‘How did this happen when I have never bought a lottery ticket?’
M is for Music - Which band or singer are you really into right now?

I recently bought a couple of CDs online Gin Wigmore’s Holy Smoke and the solo album by Julia Deans (lead singer of Fur Patrol)
N is for News - Do you keep up with current affairs?

I read the news online every day and listen to BBC Radio 5Live when I’m in my car or getting up.
O is for Optimism - Is the glass half full or half empty? Depends on what's in the glass! Usually the glass is half full, I like to see the positive wherever I can.
P is for Playing - Do you play any musical instruments?
I’ve dabbled but not really. I can pick out a tune on a keyboard and I’ve played the recorder since I was a child.
Q is for Quirks - What do you do that is unusual or just naughty?

I always put on my right sock first and take off my left sock first. This way, my right foot has spent significantly longer socked than my left. As far as ‘just naughty’ is concerned, it’s fun telling children that automatic doors will always open no matter how fast you run at them.
R is for Random – A random fact about you, please.

I always wear odd socks.
S is for Sport - Which sports do you like to watch, or play?

I was brought up to love cricket and have played quite a lot and watched much more. I also enjoy watching rugby union (both 15 and 7 a-side), swimming and athletics. 
T is for Travel – What is the favourite place you have visited?

It’s a good thing there are no prizes for guessing the answers to these questions. Would you believe…New Zealand – specifically, Wanaka, but I also have soft spots for Hokitika, The Catlins, Golden Bay, Kaikoura, and further afield, Saint Petersburg, parts of Switzerland, France, the south-west of Ireland, the west coast of Scotland, Friesland.
U is for Unity – What do you feel a part of that is very important to you?

I’m not one for ‘belonging’ to things, preferring to find my own way in the world rather than being swayed by the opinions and thoughts of others, but being part of the LJ world is important to me.
V is for Variety – What five different words describe you best?

Friend, writer, traveller, photographer, fool.
W is for Words – What are your favourite five words?

Fuego, bollocks, chocolate, creativity, warmth
X is for X-rays – Have you broken any bones?
I broke a toe in New Zealand, though didn’t realise it at the time, and my nose a long time ago.
Y is for Yellow – What do you really like that happens to be yellow in colour?

As it happens, my really tasty pumpkin and apple curry seems to come out yellow most of the time, it’s the turmeric you know!
Z is for Zero - Name three things that you have absolutely NO interest in.

Fashion, the non-music that is country and western, religion.


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