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Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

Killerton, Devon

Back in August (where does the time go?) when Monika and Marcin were here we went to Killerton House and Gardens in Devon. Actually, we went to the Dartington Cider Press Centre for a coffee and a look around, Slapton Sands for a picnic and then to Killerton. It was a busy day.

Here are my photos of the gardens at Killerton. It was quite an adventure getting there, mainly because I relied on a wretched satellite navigation thingy to get us there from the south and then wouldn't quite trust where it was telling me to go. The roads I was directed along were largely narrow country lanes with grass growing in the middle. At one point I was directed through a farmyard, didn't resist and still got there. As you can tell, I don't quite yet want to abandon myself to technology I don't understand and don't trust things I can't see and question for myself. It's actually a philosophy I attach to most things in life and it's done me pretty well so far. I don't believe in things I can't see, won't accept things I can't confirm for myself and consider all technology that doesn't involve wood and mud as highly suspicious at best. But I digress.

I'd never been to Killerton before and really enjoyed relaxing in the gardens. We didn't really have time to explore it all completely, as it was getting late in the afternoon, but I think my guests enjoyed being there.  



















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