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Forde Abbey gardens in summer, followed by a quick whizz around Lyme Regis

Gerrit and Jos left us on the morning after we went to Hestercombe. We had had a great time while they were here and it was, as usual, a pleasure showing them around. We crammed a lot in too, not only the concerts at Glastonbury and my kilt, but also a special posh high tea in Taunton, a trip to Wales to see the red kites, and a visit to my favourite restaurant in Taunton.

A couple of days later, at just after 3.00am on the Saturday morning, Monika and Marcin arrived. I met Monika through LJ, we became friends and she came to visit two years ago. It must have been okay because she came back, and this time with her boyfriend Marcin. It was so good to see her again and to meet Marcin who I had heard so much about.

On the Sunday we took a little trip out. I have been to Forde Abbey gardens several times, most recently a couple of spring visits to take photos of the crocusses brightening up the lawns and the other spring flowers. It's a very long time since I was there in the summer and this was a great chance to see the gardens in their pomp, at the height of their beauty and colourfulness. They did not disappoint.

See for yourself.


From the very first moment as we stepped into the kitchen garden I knew there was going to be a riot of colour. Even the vegetables were getting in on the act. I assume these are some kind of bean, but whatever they are I want some. Such a gorgeous combination of colours.





The garden cat had spotted something in the sweet peas

Out in the main gardens and the colours just kept coming


The neigh-bours!


The bridge into the bog garden




During the summer months there is a special treat at Forde Abbey. This fountain is activated a few times each day and is well worth the wait. It starts off like this.......

.......but soon gets cranked up until it becomes the tallest single jet fountain in Britain. It rises some fifty metres into the air. No pictures could do it justice, it really is something you have to witness.


I have always had a special soft spot for this statue and its setting and have taken many photos of it over the years, but it was really enhanced this time by the water from the fountain as it splashed down around it.



Then it was on to Lyme Regis, not far away. I will never forget the delight on Monika's face when I took her there two years ago and I couldn't let this visit go without taking her back. Lyme is a very typical British seaside resort, full of beach, boats, seaside tat and the odd absolute gem. Of course, on a Sunday afternoon in August it is bound to be very busy. But, it's great for people-watching and it definitely has all the sights, sounds and, um, smells of British people at their seaside leisure.








I loved it where these boats, stranded for a few hours by the retreating tide, were straining at their leashes, impatient to be bobbing up and down again.





I have a thing about benches and seats in public places, you may have noticed, and this was just delightful.





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