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Hestercombe Gardens, Somerset

It's certainly about time I caught up with all the things I've been doing over the past couple of weeks and posted photos of the places I've been to. It's great having people come to stay and it gives me the chance to play tour guide, show them around and, to a certain extent, see my patch as a visitor would see it. And one thing I've noticed is how much more expensive it seems to be these days to get into a lot of the gardens and country houses and things. 

On their last day here I took Gerrit and Jos to Hestercombe. Hestercombe is a big house on the edge of Taunton. The house is owned by the county council and is just offices now, though it used to be the fire service headquarters. I've been there for meetings and courses from time to time. The gardens are owned by a separate trust.  

The orangery, a beautiful little building, a bit like a huge conservatory, which, as the name suggests, was used to grow luxury fruits that wouldn't have stood a chance in the Somerset climate  otherwise. 

There's a while to go yet before these grapes ripen but there's something very appealing about the way they look.

Looking through the orangery to the steps beyond. Hestercombe has this beautiful little quirk of having daisies growing in all the cracks and between stones in its paths, stairways and walls and it always inspires me to look for interesting photos to show it off.



One of the ballustrades.

The colours of the stones used in the ornamentation of the garden are gorgeous.




Looking across part of the formal garden to the countryside beyond.










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