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Just dropping in to say that I haven't forgotten you. What with having a few days off when Gerrit and Jos were here and again with Monika and Marcin this week, I've got a lot of catching up to do. I've taken loads of photos of the places we have visited and will start posting them as soon as I can.

Monika and Marcin are leaving to go back to Poland tomorrow and I really wish they were staying longer. It has been such fun showing them around, visiting old and new places, old and new to Monika as well as me, and all new to Marcin because he has never visited the UK before. I hope they have enjoyed their time here and I've tried to do my best as a good host.

We've been to Forde Abbey and Lyme Regis, Glastonbury (of course), Dunster and Exmoor, Dartington, Slapton Sands and Killerton House in Devon. In between we've been to my favourite restaurant in Taunton - Zizzi - where our waitress was Polish, had pies made by the Pie Minister and enjoyed a picnic at the American monument at Slapton, and they've been to Minehead on an old steam train on a heritage railway.

We have driven around the English countryside in all weathers, along all manner of roads and listened to all different sorts of music.
So, I promise to catch up with pictures soon.

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