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Glastonbury Extravaganza Sunday 8 August 2010

Sunday afternoon saw us back in Glastonbury and queuing to get back into the Abbey grounds, this time for the classical concert. I'm a rocker at heart but I like most kinds of music and you can't beat 'live' music, so I'm always delighted to take in something that's a bit different. I've been to the Extravaganza classical evening a few times before and always enjoyed it. Apart from anything else, there are fewer people around so it makes taking photos much easier and much more 'intimate' because you can get right up to the stage and even get eye contact with the performers. This year I even got to chat with one of the members of the string quartet that opened precedings. 

I have to confess something here. I made no secret of it with my LJ friends but Gerrit and Jos didn't have a clue. For this event I wore my kilt. Once they had got over the shock of seeing my very pastey looking knees they seemed comfortable with it. It felt very strange walking around in public without trousers. Of course, this far away from Scotland it is not common to see someone wearing a kilt, though it does happen occasionally. I'm not an exhibitionist by nature but was determined to see it through. Walking around and through the crowd got me lots of looks, some laughs and some nods of approval.

Anyway, on with the show. As we took our place in the crowd, loaded down with chairs, a brilliant collapsible table, picnic and other goodies (like a large slice of my wine stash), the string quartet, Raven, were doing their sound-check.


After we had had our picnic Raven took to the stage for their performance. By now I was down by the stage and keen to take lots of photos. I think you will be able to see at least part of the reason why!


This is what I meant about being able to get eye-contact with the performers. The cello player, Rachael, was magnificent and really good value for me as a photographer. All her movements and expressions were really dramatic and she performed brilliantly.









I was so pleased with this photo that, when I saw her standing by the little Raven CD stall that had been set up, I showed her this pic on my camera and thanked her for the pose and the moment. In turn she thanked me for showing her the photo and added, 'Oh and by the way, nice kilt!' I felt at least a metre taller as I walked back to my seat. 





I really like this even though it's out of focus and over-exposed. There is real action in it and shows the spirit of the performance really well.









Finally back in my seat I was able to take in the whole group in the extravagant setting.


Gerrit took these and I post them just to prove that the kilt happened. I had a few wonderful moments because of the kilt. At one point I was standing to the side of the crowd watching what was going on on the stage. A man came up to me and asked what my kilt signified. He said that the group of people he was with had been having a debate about it and he'd come to me for the definitive answer. I told him it was 'just' a casual, black kilt. He said, 'I can't go back and tell them that!' So I said, 'Okay, tell them it's the New Zealand tartan.' He said, 'That's more like it. Okay, thank you.' And off he went. 

On another occasion I had to queue to go to the toilets. When I eventually got in to the temporary building the man standing next to me started looking me up and down. I felt I had to say something, so I said, 'This is the first time I've peed in public in my kilt.' He thought for a moment and then said,  'Aaaah well.....good luck!' I laughed for the next half an hour! 

A sign left over from the previous evening.

And this is the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on stage.

Some of you may remember this lady from the photo I took of her last year. I was so pleased to see that she was still in the 'band'.

And this is soloist Nicola Benedetti, one of Britain's finest violin players. She was brilliant.



And that was pretty much it. The evening ended with fireworks (something I'm really rubbish at taking photos of) over the Abbey ruins.

So, it was a wonderful evening and a successful outing for my Scottish garment. I don't know where I will wear it next but if I get a similar reaction it will be great.  

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