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A bit of a gap

After the first half of today I will not be around here very much for a few days. My Dutch friends are here. I'm taking a few days off next week to be with them and to take them to lots of different places.

On Saturday afternoon we will be going to Glastonbury to see Madness in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. We will be back in the Abbey grounds on Sunday too, this time for a concert of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (I have always been amused that 'orchestra' is an anagram of 'carthorse'!) They will be doing lots of standard classical things and there will be dancing water and fireworks to finish off with. We're going to be taking a picnic too, with all the trimmings - table cloth, serviettes, flags (Dutch, British and Kiwi!) and lots of food and drink. I'm pretty sure that the weather is going to be our friend.

We're having a lazy day on Monday so won't be going very far, but I have a surprise planned for the afternoon. More of that after it's happened. On Tuesday I'm taking them into Wales to Rhayader - you may remember me posting photos of the rare red kites a few months ago, well Gerrit is very much into birds so I'm sure he'll be very interested and it's gorgeous countryside too. On Wednesday I'm really not sure what we're going to be doing, but we are going out for a meal in the evening at my favourite restaurant.

So, with all that going on I don't have time for work and, sadly, not much time for LJ either. There will be lots of photos, the Birthday Bear will be involved and, on Sunday, so will my kilt.

Take care everyone, please point me at entries you especially want me to see and I'll be back in LJ land in a few days. Having said that, Gerrit and Jos leave on Thursday, then on Saturday morning Monika and Marcin arrive, so deep breath and carry on with the entertaining! :))

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