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Jools Holland - Glastonbury Abbey

Last night I went to a concert in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. The Abbey has been a ruin since the sixteenth century but is still an amazing setting for a gig on a warm summer evening. Although the music was quite a long way removed from the sort of thing I usually listen to, it was a great evening. Jools Holland is a very well respected British musician, was a long time ago in the band Squeeze, and now helps champion a lot of new and interesting artists by giving them television exposure and hooking them up with established stars. His live shows, with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, consist mainly of old blues and rhythm and blues standards, boogie-woogie piano stuff and some ska as well. Whatever else it might be, it is good fun and the musicianship is outstanding.

The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, the setting for the concert.

Early evening, spot the oldies, it was that kind of night!

I managed to get fairly close at one point.

Jools Holland with singer Louise Marshall

The Showman

Late in the evening.


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