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The week-end before last

As many of you already know. The week-end before last, my father's cousin Betty came to stay on her nostalgic trip around the parts of the UK that have played a part in her long life. She came with her niece, Sherrie, and spent a few days here. It was a delight to be able to show her around and be able to say to her, 'You tell me where you want to go and I'll get you there.' I know she enjoyed her stay and it was a pleasure to be able to show Sherrie around too, especially as she had never been here before. What follows are some of the photos I took of the places we visited. Many of them will be places, if you have been around my journal for any length of time, that I have shown you before and photographed often, but each day is different and each visit seems to bring something new to light.

See what you think.

This is Hawkridge Reservoir on the Quantock Hills. At the bottom of this lake there is a sunken village. In times of drought you can sometimes see the rooves of the houses.


For my horsey friends. These were taken on the top of the Quantocks where the roaming is free.


This is Montacute House and gardens






These were new, and interesting to photograph.













Montacute and its setting always interest me. I have been there with a camera many times and photographed the same things from the same places time and again, yet somehow there is always something different to see in the pictures I come home with.

And these last ones were taken at Glastonbury Abbey. I decided that I would head to the abbot's fish pond for a change. There I managed to have a few Monet moments.








The real Monet moment


And finally, a bee on a yellow flower.

I will be back at Glastonbury Abbey this coming week-end. This time with Gerrit and Jos. On Saturday evening we will be seeing Madness there in the Abbey grounds, and on Sunday evening it will be less hectic but equally fascinating as we take a picnic to watch the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. There will be piccies.

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