Paul - who brings friendly nonsense (blur_kiwi) wrote,
Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

All's well that ends well

Yesterday evening I phoned Rebekka, now safely back in Switzerland. She and Philippe flew back on Friday afternoon. I told her that I thought I would give them a couple of days to come to terms with the fact that a t-shirt can actually be an article of clothing in its own right, rather than just another layer out of many.

While I was fearing the worst from the point of view of the weather they had for the rest of their holiday, it wasn't, in fact, as bad as all that. She told me that most days had some sunshine, whether it be a couple of hours or just a few minutes, most days they were able to do the things they wanted. This made me feel much better given that I was concerned at what weather my country was throwing at them.

Their verdict on the whole thing was that it was brilliant, that they thoroughly enjoyed being in Scotland. Ever the optimist, Rebekka saw the rain as a better alternative to midges and mosquitoes that would have been everywhere in clouds if the weather hadn't been doing what it was. They had a great excursion up onto the Orkneys where the sun shone merrily and their guide regaled them with wondrous stories. They found a range of campsites with the worst being their last, and if it's going to happen at all then that's the best way.

Rebekka told me that no-one will believe the weather they actually had because she only took photos when the sun shone, so all their photos are sunny ones. I'm looking forward to some of those photos with eager anticipation. 

So, as the title suggests, all is indeed well when it ends well and can be looked back on with the fondest of memories.  

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