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England Women v New Zealand women, first One Day International, Taunton 10-7-2010

I can't believe this, four entries in four days. It's just that I have so many photos to share with you.

I don't actually know how interesting this will be. I suppose, for those of you unfortunate enough not to live in a cricket-playing country, it won't mean a great deal. For those not interested in sport, and in particular cricket, it's not going to mean much either. But, I'm hanging all my hopes on the fact that you might still be interested in the pictures for their own sake. I have to admit to being quite proud of some of them, whether they are wee portraits, action shots or just atmospheric images to give a feel of the occasion.

I'm sure I've said this many times, but I want to be a better photographer and I want to broaden my photographic horizons, and I have a big hang-up when it comes to taking photos of people. So, events like this allow me the luxury of having loads of people in front of me, all being looked at by lots of other people. This puts them in the bracket of....on display. So I feel that I can take photos quite happily without the need to crawl into my shell and refuse to be noticed.

Last year I took photos at some of the games played at Taunton for the women's Twenty20 World Cup. I enjoyed it so much, and was really pleased with some of the results that I wanted another go. That combined with the fact that I am the friend of one of the members of the England Women's cricket team, that they were playing this match against New Zealand (divided loyalties on my part) and, hey presto, I just had to go along.
I hope you like what I did, and I'd be happy to explain any aspects of the game if you're curious. I think I'll just let the photos stand up for themselves. 

This is Sarah Taylor, the England wicket-keeper, and Charlotte Edwards, the England captain, practicing before the match.


England bowler, Laura Marsh, before the match

New Zealand all-rounder, Suzie Bates


My friend, Isa Guha, opening the bowling for England.



Isa in the field



More of the match rather than specific detail.


New Zealand opener, Maria Fahey being bowled - I caught the perfect moment, even though the photo is not a great one.

 Nicola Browne on the long walk back to the pavillion after her innings




New Zealand's Sara McGlashan


Isa in pensive mood








As England near the target set for them by the visitors, the New Zealand captain, Aimee Watkins has some thinking to do.

I think this is a great shot. The perfect combination of a well-framed shot with the right bit of good action in it. This is England captain Charlotte Edwards hooking the ball right in my direction. You can see the ball coming towards me.

Katherine Brunt hits the winning runs for England, but it was a very close-run thing.

Katherine and Isa walking off in victory at the end of the match.

A well-earned drink for Aimee Watkins. She would bounce back because NZ won the next game to get back into contention in the series. 


At the end of the game, the ground staff watering and repairing the pitch.

I really enjoyed taking these photos, wandering around the ground finding good angles and seeing the results. I want to do much more of this. I hope you liked them and could at least appreciate them for the images they are even if you have no idea about the sport itself.

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