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Scotland part the second: On to Oban by way of Kilmartin, its stones and then a famous castle

After our lovely afternoon at Tayvallich the weather filled in and we had a wet, stormy and decidedly windy night, for me partly brought on by an overly creamy mushroom carbonara. We packed up early in the morning and headed north again through fantastic countryside to the village of Kilmartin.  


For much of the journey I was following Rebekka and Philippe as they coaxed Kyla along. This was my view most of the time.

At Kilmartin we had scones for breakfast in the visitor centre/museum. The waitress couldn't believe we were having two each. We overheard her saying this to her colleagues in the kitchen ('They're having six scones!', she said.) I felt I had to explain that for us, given that it was only ten in the morning, this was breakfast.

Kilmartin is famous for stones. Some are ancient gravestones, some are standing crosses like this one and some.....

.....are ancient standing stones. We visited these in the pouring rain and this made for some really atmospheric photos.

I especially love the background to this one.

All the time we were being watched.


This is a lovely framed view through the broken down window of Carnasserie Castle which we visited just north of the village.


And all the time we were being watched, albeit in this instance, covertly and nonchalantly.

Then it was on to Oban. We found the campside after a little adventure involving another campsite and a gate across the road. After setting up we went into the town and had a bit of a mooch around. Then back to the campsite to check in officially before heading north in the car to a place that has a very special place in my heart. One of my very favourite films, for as long as it has existed is 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. (Or, for my friends in German speaking countries, 'The Riders of the Coconuts'.) The final scene in the film shows reality and fantasy merging together as King Arthur is repelled by forces beyond his control, the police, historians, the film crew and others as he plans to lay siege to The Castle Aaaargh. In the film The Castle Aaaargh was played by Castle Stalker just north of Oban. This was my chance to visit this iconic setting and pay some kind of homage to this castle, the image of which had played such a big part in my cultural life. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Mesdames et Messieurs, Damen und Herran, Дамы и господа, I give you The Castle Aaaargh.

And what's more, it's The Castle Aaaargh with serious weather beyond.

And here it is from the other side of the valley.


Next time, Oban, Loch Awe and a Highlander.

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