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Street theatre in Bath

Last Friday I went to Bath. It's so good to have such an astonishing place so close to home. I love going there. Not only does Bath look really good with its Georgian architecture, not only does it have a real sense of history stretching back several thousands of years, not only is it a good place to shop for unusual things, Bath also happens to showcase some of the best buskers and street entertainers anywhere. To get a licence they have to audition and only the best are accepted. This means that, rather than the grubby beggar playing a tin whistle with a howling dog at his side, you get good musicians and performers who make walking through the shopping centre a real delight.

Friday was no exception.

A piano busking on its own in the Royal Crescent.

Part of the Royal Crescent with railings

Window boxes: it often pays to look up a bit in Bath

This is Sarah Doe, who is sending me a copy of her CD because she was among the best I've ever heard. Her songs are really very good and if you type her name into YouTube, you can hear her too.

I find that the tourists in Bath add their own brand of street theatre, usually by taking photos of the most unlikely things - hang on a minute, what does that say about me?


Nice photo, I think.

Lounging by the wall of Bath Abbey, with a spectacularly painted lion.


Apparently, Bath International Music Festival consists of.............a piano covered with polythene. I happen to know that isn't true but that's the story here, on the streets!


It has to be said, he wasn't the best juggler in the world, and he did look very scared a lot of the time but, then again, he was trying to juggle a burning club, a fearsome looking knife and a tin whistle whilst wearing an unflattering hat!

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