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Thank you, thank you, thank you

I've just noticed what an auspicious day today is for me. I started this journal and became blur-kiwi exactly four years ago today.

I remember the day very well. I had just dropped Rebekka and Philippe off at Bristol Airport at the end of their visit here to Somerset in 2006. I left them loaded up with Somerset Brie, locally grown strawberries and blueberry muffins. I came home to an empty house, missing my wonderful friends terribly and at a loss for something to do. ilmera  had suggested many times that I set up an LJ and I remember thinking to myself, 'Yes, I'm going to do it.' So I did.

ilmera became my very first LJ friend, of course, and she kindly asked other friends of hers to come along and support me. I will always be grateful for that and it saddens me that my second LJ friend, albina, has recently dropped me. But, on the whole it has been a wonderfully positive time. I have made many good, sound and exceptional friends here. Some I have gone on to meet, some I knew already one way or another, and many more I yearn to meet up with when the situation allows. I seem to have garnered friends from all over the world, which delights me, and there's certainly not an English as a first language bias here. Inevitably, many of my LJ friends are from Russia and that makes me incredibly proud.

I find it difficult not to single people out here, and I mustn't. You are all special, you are all important to me, you all bring light into my world from wherever you are and through whatever you're doing. In short, you are wonderful and it is a privilege to know you and to be able to call you 'friend'.

Four years isn't long in the grand scheme of things; it certainly seems to have zipped past very quickly. Yet, a great deal seems to have happened in that time - I have travelled and discovered new places that have enthralled me (none more so than Saint Petersburg where I finally got to meet my remarkable friend ilmera ), I have developed (excuse the pun please) into what I understand to be a passable photographer and been able to share my pictures with all of you, I have been able to continue to showcase my writing, I have discovered parts of my own landscape that had been hidden to me before. Most of all I have come to know all of you and that makes me more grateful than anything else.

Thank you all for being here, thank you all for welcoming me into your LJ worlds and thank you all for your support and kindness.

Finally, here are a couple of my favourite photos from the past four years. Each very different to the other and each telling a very different story, yet both beautiful, simple and special to me  - much like all of you.




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