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Switzerland 2010 - Part two - Walensee and Appenzell.

On Wednesday of last week Rebekka and I took a succession of trains, large and small, south and east. First of all we landed up, by design, on the shores of the Walensee, one of Switzerland's fantastically scenic lakes. We did a great walk for about an hour or so, up round and precariously down a nearby hill. The views were stunning, the warm air invigorating and the smell of new mown grass delightfully summery. After a city day it was great to be back in the countryside, clean open air, lizards scuttling away amongst the leaves and rocks as you approached, a chance to walk and talk, share stories and enjoy each other's company.

The Swiss countryside is very special and, in a lot of cases, huge. Even though we were walking through temperatures in the mid-twenties, there was still snow on the higher peaks and in the more sheltered places. Leaves were fresh and new and the spring flowers in the meadows were gorgeous. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking.


The shores of the Walensee



There were lots of houses like this one, perched on the most precarious foundations



One of the locals

You wouldn't believe the colour of the sky, but I have done nothing to the photo.

One of my very favourite photos from the whole week.


This has to be, just about, as Swiss as it gets with that huge back-drop and the house tucked into the hillside, the path and the greenness

Back at the lake again and time for the arty shot that everyone has a go at sometime in their lives.


And this is Appenzell. We had a wonderful train ride to get there, ever climbing, lots of twists and turns and screechy noises as the train fought against the landscape. We went through countryside that was my boyhood image of what Switzerland was, remote farms perched on steep slopes, alpine meadows full of spring flowers and the lushest green grass you ever saw. Perfect in every respect. That journey was a delight.


I seem to have developed a bit of a crush on Swiss rooves.

These shop signs beat garish neon every time. Appenzell is a bit of a tourist Mecca, largely because it is so iconically Swiss, but it's a real place where people live, work and vote with their hands (as opposed to the ballot box!)






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