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Knightshayes Court, East Devon

Last Sunday, with it being such a lovely day, I headed off into Devon to Knightshayes Court. I'd never been there before, which is surprising really seeing that it's less than an hour away from home.

Knightshayes is a Victorian grand house set in rolling countryside with some wonderful gardens. Wandering around you could really tell that it was spring. There were colourful flowers everywhere but there wasn't that full flush of summer. Unfortunately, for me at least, quite a lot of people had had a similar idea and it was difficult to take photos that didn't have cavorting children or meandering adults in them. When that happens I just bide my time and wait patiently for people to pass through.

I hope you like the photos.

Bluebells in the woodlands.

I really liked this small formal garden.

Wild spring flowers, some rarer than others. All delightful.

Unusual daffodils

Rare fritillaries

Magnolia among the woodlands walks


Japonica at the front of the house adding a welcome splash of vivid colour.

The walled kitchen garden. The sign on the wall says 'Please park your Dog here.


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