Paul - who brings friendly nonsense (blur_kiwi) wrote,
Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

Colour meme

Comment if you'd like a colour. Then list ten things that you like/love which are that colour.

The wonderful naurwen  gave me the fiendishly difficult 'silver'! I have to admit, I don't like shiny things much so to me silver is really a pale grey. I couldn't think of many things that I liked that were that colour, so after a while I had to resort to some things that I liked with the word 'silver' in the name.

But anyway, here goes in no particular order:

My car (it's colour is officially called Luzern Silver, which pleases me)
Silver fern
The Silver Ferns
The fact that every cloud has one
The underside of CDs
A silver tabby cat, all chubby
The silver setting on Windows XP (as opposed to the jarring blue version)
Silvereye (a New Zealand bird)
Silver Birch

There, I didn't have to resort to naming the Lone Ranger's horse.

Tags: meme

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