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Forde Abbey again

I had the day off on Monday so I decided to go to Forde Abbey, just over the boundary into Dorset. I was there at around the same time last year. On that occasion the place was a riot of colour with lots of wild daffodils, crocuses and other spring flowers out and enjoying the sunshine. This year was very different. We have had a long cold winter, by our standards, and spring seems to be coming later. Things are nothing like as far forward as in recent years.

This time, at Forde Abbey, there were still snowdrops and the crocuses were only partially covering the lawns. It was a cold morning, although it was sunny, and there was still ice on the ponds. Even so, after a warming cup of coffee, it was good to stretch the legs and have a wander round the gardens to see what I could see.




There is something about this statue that I find quite compelling. And it was really nice to see swans around it, especially as it's a statue of a girl with a swan.

I'm really proud of this one. Snowdrops in their pomp.

The statue again, surrounded by ice.




A lucky moment to be holding a camera.

I didn't expect to see piano-moving, but it's a fun spectator sport!




I really like this one, mainly because of the less than obvious focussing.

Camelias were out in the arboretum.

I have no idea what these seed pods are, but they looked like bats to me.


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