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China Festival of Lights, Emmen

I can't believe that this was a month ago already. Time flies by.
On the night before I left The Netherlands, we drove down to Emmen (about an hour away from where Gerrit and Jos live) to go to The China Festival of Lights. It was an exhibition being held in the zoo, though most of the warm weather animals were tucked up and away from public view. Our evening started with a great meal at Ming's Wok Palace, then it was on to the zoo. I really didn't know what to expect and was amazed, astonished and delighted by what I saw. Though it was a bitterly cold evening the colourful display had a warmth all of its own. See for yourself. 

If ever I wanted to post something colourful to celebrate, if that's the right word, my birthday, then this is the perfect way to do it. Even though the exhibition is now over, if you want to find out more you can always visit the exhibition website. There is a way of seeing an English version at the bottom right of the page.



All these elephants, and indeed most of the other colourful exhibits were simply cloth stretched round a frame and lit from the inside, yet the effect was stunning.

Even this huge pagoda-type structure was just cloth around a frame.

I imagine that, because it was in the zoo, the animal theme was no accident.






For me this was the most astonishing bit. These life-size elephants are made out of crockery. If you look closely, or click on the pictures to make them larger, you will see plates, cups, bowls and ceramic spoons making up every detail of the elephants. They were beautifully lit as well, which added to the tremendous effect.


And then this balloon was made of tiny bottles filled with blue coloured liquid, wired together into shape.


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