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Round up of 2009 part two

This is the long-promised second part of my round up of photos from last year. I hope they have merit but first and foremost they are my favourites. They cover lots of diverse and, sometimes, bizarre subjects but I hope they work together in some way. I'm ashamed to say that there weren't that many to choose from in the second half of the year what with my work commitments and everything, but I'd rather have quality over quantity every time.

Anyway, I hope some of your favourites are there too.

First of all, we have a double bass player from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Glastonbury Extravaganza in August.


A street in Bath, leading to The Circus

A busker near Bath Abbey. I love the surprising movement in this photo.

A summer-house at Tyntesfield House near Bristol. I love the contrast in colours between the roof tiles and the leaves.

Perfectly peaceful in the gardens at Tyntesfield........ well as the long greenhouses.

A colourful jousting knight at the Bishops Lydeard Medieval Fayre in September

Another knight about to catch a thrown hoop with his lance.

Hello horsey.

Singing in the Rain at North Petherton carnival in November

A real favourite, a study in pink

Showing that even the Somerset carnivals are real showbiz



There's something I've noticed when I've had a look through the photos I've selected. I'm someone who is really self-conscious about taking photos of people and would strongly maintain that I don't like doing it, yet most of the photos I've chosen in these two round-up posts of people, or with people in them. Interesting!
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